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I received a PO (purchase order) - now what?

Employees appreciate a checklist when they aren't sure what process to follow after they receive an input. In this example, when an employee receives an email that says, "Please see the attached Purchase Order" she can pull up this checklist to help her process the transaction without stressing.

If the sender included the account information, then you have all you need.

Sometimes, you receive an email that has a PO attached with no further explanation. When this happens, reply to the sender with the following:

Hi there,

Thanks for sending along the purchase order!

Before I process the PO, I need to confirm the account that this applies to. Do you know which account this PO is associated with?

Once I get that information, I'll process the invoice and send it along.


[insert your name]
Click to copy

Navigate to the billing app, Chargify.

Click Subscriptions

Search for account

Click account

  1. Send the invoice to the email indicated on the PO
  2. CC the sender (if different than the email indicated on the PO)

You are done. Great job!


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